Review: David Brent – Life on the Road

Some people swear by Ricky Gervais, and some just swear at him. Here he resurrects the character that made him famous: the hopelessly embarrassing David Brent, centrepiece of the BBC series The Office, who’s exactly as cringe-inducing – and unfunny – as ever, even after 15 years or so.



Feel the Bern: Bernard Fanning on New Album, Politics and Powderfinger

Bernard Fanning sounds remarkably free. Since the dissolution of his nationally beloved day job, and now well past the pressures of passing the nerve-wracking “first post-Powderfinger album” milestone (Departures did those honours in 2013), Fanning’s third solo album Civil Dusk is a mix of uncluttered folk-rock arrangements and easily flowing songwriting.



Kaye Weeks’ Whirlwind of Adventure

When Kaye Weeks left Windmill for the Adelaide Festival four years ago, the children’s theatre company presented four shows locally each year alongside some touring. Now, she returns to an organisation that has conquered film, Broadway and is looking at new mediums.



Review: Brotherhood in Death

J. D. Robb has published 41 novels in her Death series since Naked in Death appeared with much fanfare in 1995. The fanfare because ‘Robb’ was the best–selling author of romantic, fantasy novels, Nora Roberts (200–plus novels and counting, 300 million books in print).



Scratching the Surface with James Dodd

James Dodd’s artworks, showing this month at the Artspace Gallery at the Adelaide Festival Centre, are the culmination of the 2016 SALA Festival’s Artist in Residence program that Dodd began earlier this year.



Review: High-Rise

J.G. Ballard’s dystopic novel High-Rise comes to life on screen in this “wonderfully dark and disturbingly funny” turn from director Ben Wheatley and lead Tom Hiddleston.



Meet Your Maker: Union St Printmakers

Union St Printmakers is set in a private oasis not far from Adelaide’s CBD in the suburb of Stepney. Established by Simone Tippett in 2009, the small school has been quietly nurturing the local printmaking community ever since.



Trying on Tropes in The 39 Steps

After nine years on the West End, the theatre adaptation of The 39 Steps will soon debut in Adelaide. The Adelaide Review speaks to director Jon Halpin and designer Ailsa Paterson on what to expect from The State Theatre Company of SA’s latest show.



Review: Tickled

Kiwi co-directors David Farrier and his “geeky friend” Dylan Reeve’s documentary is unusual in that, like Capturing The Friedmans or Lost In La Mancha and Gimme Shelter, it began as one thing and then became something else entirely. What started off as merely strange became far stranger and distinctly uncomfortable, which is not what you’re surely expecting from a movie about tickling.



Wars of the World with Fiona Hall

All the King’s Men is the centerpiece of Fiona Hall’s installation work Wrong Way Time that was exhibited in the Australian Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Recently acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia, All the King’s Men is one of the gallery’s most significant acquisitions to date.



Anything at All Exhibition Transforms Moments into Art

Featuring a broad selection of contemporary South Australian artists, Anything at All required two leaps of faith: by the artists to create the work, and by the viewer to accept that anything has the potential to become art.