Facts, Mistruths and Furphies

Facts are the bedrock of decision making. Making a decision without hard facts – or worse, on errors of fact – will inevitably lead to some form of disaster, big or small.



CSIRO Cuts: As Redundancies are Announced, the Real Cost is Revealed

The unfortunate manner in which the latest phase of restructuring of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has played out has raised questions about Australia’s scientific capability and our ability to meet international responsibilities.


business & finance

Blanco: Progressive Catering and Dining

For Steve Blanco of Blanco Food & Events, which employs more than 100 people in its restaurants, kiosk and catering arm, working in the food industry is all about moving forward. 


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What are our CEOs saying?

It is not surprising to hear that Australian CEOs are less confident about their growth prospects in 2016 – both globally and domestically – than they were a year ago. However, an overwhelming majority of CEOs remain optimistic that their businesses are likely to grow revenues in the year ahead.



Life Between Graveyards and Bookshops

“So, there I am, rising at six-thirty, standing at the window to our Edinburgh apartment, looking down at Dalry Cemetery. Resist, I say to myself, but it’s no use. I slip on my shoes, grab my camera, and head across the road.”



Profile: Matt Clemow

Three years after leaving the state government, Matt Clemow is helping shape the future of Adelaide with his roles as the general manager of Committee for Adelaide and co-director of Property & Consulting.



Why the French Submarine Won the Bid to Replace the Collins-class

France will be awarded the contract to partner with Australia to build the next generation of submarines to replace the Collins-class, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced today. But what was at stake in this A$50 billion program? What were the real technological differences between the submarines on offer?


business & finance

Flight of the Blackbird

Award–winning local IT company LeetGeek is now known as Blackbird, as the Adelaide company rebrands with a new image fitting of its work.



A Guide to Adelaide’s Pub Heritage

With the National Trust’s Heritage Festival currently in full swing, we cast our eye to the fascinating details of Adelaide’s pub heritage.



Manukan: An Island Paradise

It might be a cliché but the ‘take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints’ mantra on tourist signs around Manukan Island perfectly encapsulates the easy–going and respectful vibe of this beautiful jungle island. The short boat ride to the island was anything but easy–going. Fun though.



The Science Behind Psychopathy, Romance and Loneliness

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, we have a greater understanding of how our emotions and social behaviours manifest in the brain. Aside from just seeing the phenomena occur, this knowledge gives us a real chance to improve lives and treat conditions like depression and autism.



Local Luxury at the Southern Ocean Lodge

The Southern Ocean Lodge prides itself on two things: luxury and localism. A remarkable setting, excellent design and top-notch gastronomy combine with a serious emphasis on locally sourced produce and the surrounding natural splendour to make this stay an incredible experience.