Should We Trust Scientists?

Joining Harvard’s Professor Naomi Oreskes and science communicator Dr Karl for WOMADelaide’s Planet Talks panel discussion, ‘Should We Trust Scientists?’ is the University of South Australia’s Professor Tanya Monro. The physicist, and UniSA’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), answers The Adelaide Review’s questions about why this topic is up for debate in 2016.



Dancing Abroad with Remi Wortmeyer

“I wasn’t bullied,” says Wortmeyer “But when I was in high school, much to my horror, my home room teacher announced to the class that I’d been awarded a position with the ABS and I kind of sunk into my chair, but to my great surprise everyone cheered.”


business & finance

Intelligent Response

After selling SolveIT Software in 2012, Adelaide entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz had no plans to start another business but the Adelaide–based software guru soon realised he missed working with big business.



Modern Times: Arguments for Cultural Diplomacy

Songs, dances, and rituals have for millennia been used to enhance cooperation and exchange between different peoples and nations. Cultural exchange is as old as organised human society and it has been used to enhance relationships between states since ancient times. Why then, is culture ignored as an instrument of diplomacy when our future – our prosperity and security – largely depends on our capacity to work with people of different nations.



Adelaide to Paris and Back

In December, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) met in Paris to agree on new global carbon emissions reduction targets. There are two main points arising from COP21 that are of direct relevance to South Australians.



Three Days in Noosa

If you’ve never been to Noosa, you may be tempted to think of it as Queensland’s version of ‘Burnside by the beach’ – strictly for the gold shoe and silver hair brigade. The place where Kath and Kim’s perpetually pursed-lipped shop assistants Prue and Trude go to ‘get off the beaten track’. The kind of place that’s actually pronounced ‘Noyssa’. But in recent years the exclusive, too expensive- for-you resort town has undergone something of a hipster makeover, with hot bars, bearded baristas and burger joints infiltrating the main Hastings Street strip, making it the perfect destination for a cool, beachy getaway.



Naomi Oreskes: Warming to the Truth

She’s been called a communist. A traitor intent on bringing down Western civilisation. But renowned Harvard science historian Naomi Oreskes has learnt to let insults roll off her like water off a duck’s back. Because they are, she says, just another part of a sophisticated campaign to distract from the facts – that our world is warming as a direct consequence of human activity.



Jenny Kee: Iconic Opals

Australian artist, designer and fashion icon Jenny Kee will appear at the South Australian Museum on Tuesday, February 2 to present an insight into her love affair with opals – as part of the current Opals exhibition which will conclude on Monday, February 15.



The detail’s in the retail

As Lord Mayor Martin Haese begins Year 2 of his four–year term, it’s possible that one plan he carried into City Hall may be the equivalent of stopping a runaway train. What’s Adelaide’s brand and does anybody care? Given the capital at stake, it’s a question likely to demand answers sooner rather than later.



Eating your way around Kota Kinabalu

The lack of a fine dining destination is arguably to Kota Kinabalu’s (KK) advantage, as there are many authentic eateries to discover and enjoy in Sabah’s capital.

Miss Fishers costumes 2


Miss Fisher’s elegant costumes

For the next two months, Ayers House Museum will be home to a stunning exhibition of costumes by award–winning designer Marion Boyce from the third series of Australian television drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

NYE 2015 2


New Year’s Eve Guide 2015

Whether you plan to spend New Year’s Eve in the city, amid the vines or at the sea, The Adelaide Review’s comprehensive guide to festivities around South Australia features something for everyone.



My social vision for South Australia

In times of major economic upheaval, it’s easy for our thoughts to be consumed by economic policy – in its narrow sense, the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.




The Adelaide Review speaks to the two men behind new brand TY-LR Man (designer Joshua Davies and brand manager James Williamson) about the label’s debut menswear collection.



Getting to the guts of the matter

In terms of scientific developments, interest in the gut is hardly new. Indeed, it was old mate Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) who proclaimed some 2,000–plus years ago; “all disease begins in the gut”.



The Lynchian appeal of Dunkeld

The first thing you notice as you drive into Dunkeld, a tiny former timber town sitting astride the Glenelg Highway in Victoria’s southern Grampians, is how much it feels like you’re suddenly entering an episode of Twin Peaks.



Australia needs a nuclear storage site, but it’s a long way away

The Federal government has recently announced six potential sites for a low-level nuclear waste repository: Sallys Flat in New South Wales, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia and Oman Ama in Queensland.