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How Will Family Businesses Survive the Digital Era?

It is not surprising that two of the major challenges facing Australian family businesses are digital disruption and lack of professionalism in both business and family. However, it is pleasing that the next generation of family business leaders are more confident and better prepared for senior roles than they were two years ago.



Breaking news: marriage has very little to do with religion (and vice versa)

As further tensions emerge in the Coalition government over the details of the proposed marriage plebiscite, reportage of the religious nature of the “no” campaign is becoming more prominent. Yet the relationship between religion and marriage is not clear to many people and is being distorted in the media.


business & finance

People Make the World Go Round for Scope Global

Previously known as Austraining International, Scope Global changed its name in 2013 and is a far cry from the small training company that began in 1991 with around six staff.



Tying the Knot: Five Uniquely Adelaide Wedding Venues

It’s Spring. The sun is shining, highlighting South Australia’s many prestigious wedding venues that are perfect for that special day. Explore these five local wedding venues in this promotional feature from The Adelaide Review.



Celebrating the Rise of Local Fashion

For its second year in the Adelaide CBD, the 2016 Adelaide Fashion Festival has grown to five full days and will showcase more local designer talent with 10 designer runways and a total of 20 events.



Drawn to the City: The Watchmaker

Each month, illustrator Leo Greenfield sketches and profiles an Adelaide character who makes this city tick. This month: Eliza Camac, the watchmaker.



Why 100 Years Without Slum Housing in Australia is Coming to an End

Truth be told, most Australians live in good housing. This is good news for all of us because our housing is a major determinant of our health and wellbeing. But our very recent research findings, published this month in the Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, and the lessons of history tell us this good news story is at risk.



What Brexit Means for the Fashion Industry

As one of the biggest political events in recent history, the referendum resulting in Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will have repercussions that will be felt by pretty much everyone, no less the UK’s fashion industry.



The Rise of Citizen Science is Great News for our Native Wildlife

Australia is renowned for its iconic wildlife. A bilby digging for food in the desert on a moonlit night, a dinosaur-like cassowary disappearing into the shadows of the rainforest, or a platypus diving for yabbies in a farm dam. But such images, though evocative, are rarely seen by most Australians.



The Mary Lee Exchange: A Toast to Inclusivity

Mary Lee is quoted to have said, “My aim is to leave the world better for women than I found it”. In honour of the generations of feminists who paved the way for today’s women, Gemma Beale and Becci Love have created a project to encourage dialogue, education and inclusivity surrounding feminism and social justice issues: this project is The Mary Lee Exchange.


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Sandpit, Adelaide’s Interactive Pioneers

By creating unique immersive and interactive experiences for the public to connect with its clients and collaborators, Sandpit shows how the latest technology can be used to communicate effectively in a modern world.



Colour Me Mindful

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have surely noticed the proliferation of mindfulness-based products flooding the retail market. Self-help guides, smartphone apps and, of course, colouring-in books. So many colouring-in books.