The Adelaide Review is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural FORM Innovation Awards (FIA), in association with the second edition of FORM Journal set for release in October.

The awards are an extension of The Adelaide Review and FORM Journal’s commitment to the design and architecture sector in South Australia, and aim to highlight and award the work of innovators across all disciplines in design.

Each institute (AGDA, DIA, PIA, AIA and AILA) will submit projects for consideration, which will be judged a panel of industry experts and by the public online via The Adelaide Review’s website. The individual institutes will be given the opportunity to put forward the projects that define as innovative, unique and valuable.

The first of these online judging rounds begins with these submissions from AGDA, which are now available for voting below.

“I’m biased, but I feel I can safely say that South Australia punches above its weight in the world of graphic design. The results of the 2016 AGDA Design Awards are proof of this—a large chunk of the top honours were claimed by local design studios—and the five selected pieces have been picked from the list of SA finalists from these awards. It should be said that these five only represent a small slice of the excellent and inspiring entries from South Australian designers.

AGDA promotes and awards and the very best in graphic design from an international and national level it’s great to have FORM highlighting some of the best work from a local perspective. AGDA is pleased to work with FORM to present the local graphic design industry alongside our other world-class SA design disciplines. Congratulations and well done to all the shortlisted designers.”

Shane Keane, AGDA SA Chairman

AGDA Submissions

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