Who are we?

Our goal is simple. To find and celebrate South Australia’s most Drinkable wines.

Hot 100 Wines is a celebration of South Australian wine, and the culture and context within which it is enjoyed. Each year, we set out to find the most drinkable wine from South Australia.

Pandering to no traditional paradigms, we find and share these wines in concert with great food, local music and people.

The Hot 100 Wines season is an annual program of events, centred on the release of the annual Hot 100 Wines magazine. The 2017/18 season is the 11th year of Hot 100 Wines.

The Judging

Unlike traditional wine shows, our team of judges, now headed up by Peter Dredge are asked to evaluate each wine against categories of style and for their drinkability. We celebrate the positives of the wines and not the negatives. The hundred most drinkable  are recognised in the Hot 100 Wines magazine, and the top 10 become our hot wines of the season, featuring throughout the year.

The magazine

The perfect-bound publication bursts with the very latest information about SA’s most enjoyable wine and wine regions, along with recipes from top South Australian chefs, and other essential information about the local wine scene and where it is heading.

Each year, a minimum of 15,000 copies are circulated to wineries, restaurants, retail outlets, corporate firms, partners and tourist centres in metropolitan and regional South Australia, interstate and now Singapore.

The events

The Hot 100 Wines season includes a series of events that are all about getting to experience SA’s most drinkable wines. Each year, Hot 100 Wines hosts events in its home state of South Australia, as well as interstate and internationally. The magazine launch and awards evening of for the Hot 100 has become a coveted event, not just for the opportunity to sample SA’s best wines and witness the unveiling of the year’s winning wine, but to share in an truly unique South Australian experience.

Key dates

Hot 100 Wines Winter Harvest – Get tickets here


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