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7 quiet-passion-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: A Quiet Passion

Despite some claims, A Quiet Passion, a biographical study of Massachusetts-residing poet Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886), isn’t Liverpool-born writer/direc…

7 kedi-documentary-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Kedi

YouTube was partially involved in the production of Kedi, a surprisingly moving documentary from producer/director Ceyda Torun, so you might perhaps be forgiven…

8 una-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Una

Una is drawn from a vaguely factually-based 2005 play by David Harrower (Blackbird) and the first feature film directed by the Adelaide-born Flinders University…

8 whitney-can-i-be-me-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Whitney: Can I Be Me

London-born documentarian Nick Broomfield’s Whitney: Can I Be Me is a more conventional and moving work than his previous Kurt & Courtney or Biggie & Tu…

7 the-promise-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: The Promise

Irish co-writer/director Terry George’s sweeping costume epic The Promise has some shaky facts, a rather gooey central romance and occasionally iffy FX enhancem…

7 my-cousin-rachel-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: My Cousin Rachel

My Cousin Rachel a darkly handsome effort, and well worth it for the performance of Rachel Weisz as Rachel, even if the central character is actually Philip Ash…

6 the-mummy-cinema-film-adelaide-review

Film Review: The Mummy

Not to be confused with the three funny Mummy pics with Brendan Fraser, or indeed the Boris Karloff 1932 version, the Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing 1959 version…

6 wonder-woman-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Wonder Woman

The DC Comics creation that is Wonder Woman, as played by Gal Gadot, briefly appeared in last year’s fairly detestable Batman V Superman, adding to the chaos bu…

8 20th-Century-Women-cinema-film-adelaide-review

Film Review: 20th Century Women

Writer/director Mike Mills’ award-winning Beginners was a mostly factual study of his late father, and 20th Century Women, his third feature, is all about his m…


Film Review: Neruda

Chilean director Pablo Larrain’s biopic-of-sorts chronicles a key period in the life of poet, diplomat and politician Pablo Neruda.…