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7 mountain-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Mountain

Mountain is not quite a documentary in the formal sense (unlike Jennifer Peedom’s previous effort Sherpa). This collaboration between Peedom, the Australian Cha…

8 australia-day-cinema-film-reviews-adelaide-review

Film Review: Australia Day

Australia Day is a gruelling journey through the streets of Brisbane and subterranean national prejudices, but it does have a lot of heart and features some exc…

7 victoria-abdul-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Victoria & Abdul

Victoria & Abdul succeeds thanks to its sweet comedic moments and the fine work of Judi Dench and Ali Fazal, but does its blurring of history undermine the …

7 thats-not-me-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: That’s Not Me

While Australian comedies have, in recent times, proven a sad and sorry lot, That’s Not Me is a now-rare exception, with a strain of genuine humour runnin…

8 the-kings-choice-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: The King’s Choice

The King’s Choice is a prestigious, often sumptuous and emotionally rich outing. It’s yet another pic that obviously uses the facts in a famous factual ta…

7 gods-own-country-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: God’s Own Country

God’s Own Country is a semi-autobiographical effort from writer/director Francis Lee, executed with the sort of harsh griminess that might have made Ken L…

6 american-made-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: American Made

Workaholic director Doug Liman is no stranger to tough blockbusters or star Tom Cruise, with whom he worked on the underrated sci-fi-er Edge Of Tomorrow, and he…

6 killing-ground-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Killing Ground

Damien Power’s Killing Ground fancies itself an Aussie variant of the Last House On The Left-type horror flick instead of a Wolf Creek rip-off, with its m…

7 logan-lucky-film-cinema-adelaide-review

Film Review: Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is a character-comedy-cum-heist-thriller that shows Steven Soderbergh has still got some of that old fire left in him — and just a whiff of his cere…