David Knight


Alex Frayne’s Theatre of Life

With two books due out this year, photographer Alex Frayne is a master of capturing the obscure, weird and wonderful slices of life you won’t see in a brochure …


Fermenting a New Food Festival

After putting a full-stop to her popular CheeseFest after 10 years in 2015, cheesemaker
and festival director Kris Lloyd will debut a new festival in October th…


Living in the Age of Consequences

Filmmaker Jared P Scott tells The Adelaide Review why he is compelled to make films about climate change, which includes his latest The Age of Consequences that…


Jessie Spiby Dances to Her Own Beat

Some may scoff at the reality cooking show format, but South Australia has a decent history of MasterChef contestants moving on to successful and respected care…


Catriona Barr Hits the Top Note

As an opera singer by night and winemaker by day, Catriona Barr gets to mix the glitz of opera with the unglamorous side of the wine industry: toiling in the vi…


Book Review: Insane Clown President

How did America, and the world, end up with Donald Trump as President of the United States? It’s a question that will likely be asked ad nauseam until the end o…