Ilona Wallace


Review: Slumber

From the advertising material, you’d be forgiven for believing that Slumber is a choose-your-own-adventure murder circus. Buyer beware: this show does not deliv…

Wakefield Press Success

Quiet Achiever: Wakefield Press

“They say the world’s generally reading two novels, and to actually get books into the public gaze – especially from Adelaide – is incredibly difficult,” says M…


Book Review: The Good People

Nineteenth–century Ireland, not Iceland, is the setting for Hannah Kent’s new novel. Once again, we find ourselves in a remote village where life is dictated by…


Life Sentence: The New Yorker

Mary Norris has worked at The New Yorker since 1978. The Between You & Me author shares memories of her editing life at the magazine.…

PADA: Near and Far

PADA, a new contemporary arts organisation, has launched in Adelaide. Their first public program, Near And Far, will take place in October.…


To Market, To Market

No longer is a brief just about colour, clean lines and paper stock weights. Increasingly, explains Matthew Remphrey (Principal & Creative Director, Parall…