John Dexter


Pizza is Serious Business

It’s doubtful that a masterclass from a Neapolitan pizza maker would have drawn a big crowd in years past. Not so anymore. This is 2017 and pizza is serious bus…


Review: 1984

2017 is the right time to stage 1984. With George Orwell’s text first published in 1949 and this adaptation first performed in 2013, it eerily mirrors our prese…


1984’s Timely Return

The Adelaide Review finds out why there could hardly be a more appropriate time to stage 1984 than in our own era of political ructions, ‘fake news’ and mass su…


Review: Long Tan

Long Tan sets out with the lofty aim of dragging the audience into the heat and horror of the Vietnam War and the Battle of Long Tan. While it has heart and pot…